Allow me to re-introduce myself

It's been a while

I've been gone for a while, building one of the most comprehensive, open source business intelligent tools the CRE industry has ever seen.  TheCapRate has taken most of my time, energy and resources.  Much of it a labor of love, but work nonetheless.  Well, it's time to get back in the real estate game.  

I'm a Real Estate Guy

Maybe I am past my "tech startup guy" prime at the ripe old age of 37. Perhaps.  Or, maybe building a brand new business stole the passion that led to the development of TheCapRate in the first place.  That need to turn it into a revenue generating business, although, great, led me astray.  And in turn, created a product that reeked of desperation.  When I started that project, I wanted an open platform for people to evaluate commercial properties, even if you didn't have a a Master's degree from Hopkins.  That was the beauty of the whole thing, I was able to take something complicated and make it simple.  Still gives me chills!  That's my passion. Research and numbers and turning a mess into something.  Guess it all goes back to my roots as an artist.  Using lines and dots and scribbles and creating a vision.   

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