Making it Happen: Jailbreak Brewing Company

"Beer me" 


Had the absolute pleasure today of touring the soon to be largest tap room in Maryland.  Jailbreak Brewing Company will launch in the next couple of weeks out of an expansive 10,000 SF facility in Laurel.  

I spoke with Justin Bonner, one of the founders (a client and friend) explained that getting to where they are now, has been no small feat.  The infrastructure to establish a full scale, working brewery is vastly more daunting than one could imagine.  And he said, it took a fair amount of education and salesmanship to move the process along. Due largely in part to the complicated systems, plumbing, and logistics requirements.  

Merritt Properties, the landlord at the Washington Blvd headquarters, has been incredible to work with, not just because of the resources they offer, but with their willingness to see beyond some of the potential risks of leasing to this type of business. So much so, that Jailbreak is set to take an additional 5,000 square feet, and the option on 10,000 adjoining square feet.  And every last inch can and will be put to good use.  

Justin and his team have spent countless hours working with the local government to bring Jailbreak to Howard County, which means, jobs and revenue.  

You would be amazed at the various trades required to bring a brewery to life.  

The soon to be largest tap room in Maryland.

The soon to be largest tap room in Maryland.


If you are into craft beers, or just want to learn about a great new local company, check them out on the web at Jailbreak Brewing Company.

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