The Drones are coming...

The Maker Movement and CRE


I have written before about the maker movement, and Modern Family for that matter.  In cased you missed last nights episode, Phil uses his drone, which is "strictly" uses for his real estate business to spy on his son Luke.  Now, to the lay person, this scene probably went largely unnoticed. But to the nerd, this was a very exciting moment.  This movement is beginning to take hold in our society.  This new technology is infiltrating the lexicon of our everyday language and discourse on life.  Now to be fair, Modern Family always tends to be at the forefront of culture, be it ever so subtle ways, but it is there. 

Recently, I had an interaction on Instagram with a provider of areal images obtained from using quadcopters and cameras.  The images he is able to produce are amazing.   The angles on properties are so unique, and you get a perspective that you just can't with other forms. 

This is surely an exciting time for makers, CRE and everyone in between. 

Stay tuned for more.

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