Listings are NOT Marketing

YOU! are Marketing

I’m sorry (no I'm not) to do this CRE, but listings are not marketing.  

Listings do not equal marketing

You equal marketing

Doesn’t it get so mundane and painfully boring sometimes to only tout listings.  Or prattle off the same bullshit jargon that everyone else does “boutique commercial real estate services firm”.  I am guilty as charged. So, there are no stones being thrown that is for sure.  But, I want us to make it better.

Let’s take a moment and examine the current situation.

As a broker, you work your ass off, networking, cold calling, leave behinds to get the business. The 50/50/50 rule in full effect. One of the first things you do is get it uploaded to LoopNet/CoStar.  Can’t say that I blame you.  They own search and all the brokers. You put a flyer together.  Take some pictures. Email blast that database.  Then get on social media and share away!! Sound at all familiar?

In that scenario, other than your pretty pic and company logo, what have you told us about you? I know how much square footage is available and the asking price.  But we all know the value of a listing is not a straight line correlation to the commission.  It’s a multiplier.  It’s the leads you get to take to other locations. Not in any sneaky underhanded way.  But not every property is right for everyone that calls. That’s life!

So, given that thought.  Why concentrate your marketing on systems designed to limit you to leads specific to that property.  Sure, the leads we get from LoopNet can be converted.  But, that’s not enough. It restricts your ability to cast your net as wide as possible.

I’m sorry, but that’s not right. 

You are more important than your listings.

That listing is nothing with you. Maybe once or twice you get those home runs where you have to extend very little effort to make money from a listing.  Lighting in a bottle happens. But, that’s the exception not the rule.  

Now imagine this marketing scenario.  You create this environment that intrigues people to discover and explore deeper you and your company.  They are want to know more. Because you get to apply the creativity, expertise, and uniqueness that is you to the experience of finding commercial real estate. That’s what all of the blogs and articles you read about how important blogging and social media are talking about. Being the expert that leads them to the right solution.

Listing are not marketing. YOU! are marketing. Let’s show you off and tell your story. Connect with Mike Foundos to learn more.