Get more Ref-URLS

To a salesperson, especially in the commercial real estate sector, a referral is a great thing. It’s not just an opportunity for more work. But, it’s a vote of confidence.  It says a lot, not just that you will do a great job, but you will make the referrer look good. And, let’s be honest, we call want to be the heroes.

Well, in the digital world in which me try and maneuver, particularly web marketing, a referral url means the site that sent someone your way. Whether it's through a tweet, blog, post, share, and banner ad (people still click on those I think).  Now, this type of referral is not as direct and salient as the one above, but important nonetheless.

Not all ref-URLs (get it?) are created equally.

As we enter this next quantum leap of technology, there is an explosion of opportunities to get people to your site. However, it’s one thing to have someone hit your home page.  It’s another for them to go deep, and seek out more information from you.  Either at that moment or at a later time. This is all not new and well documented. That’s not why I am writing this.

This is a reminder.  You spend all of this time, effort and money on web marketing.  So, to have that mean little or disinterested traffic.  What’s the point?  

Get the most impact

Again, I am not going to belabor the “tailor your message to the social network”.  You get that.  I want to stress the importance of impact and engagement.  Your clients and future clients are bombarded with data and information. So what do they do?  What would you do?  What would I do? We seek out those sites that have that allow us to process as much data in the quickest amount of time and in the most enjoyable way. Pinterest and Instagram being the best examples.  These platforms allow for visual search.  An image is worth a 1000 words right? Thats over FORTY tweets!!! (yes, I’m a nerd and did the math).  The efficiency there is immeasurable.  Being able to communicate and have that person receive a big message that quickly, well thats magical. And that can be the difference between making the sale of not.

It’s just that simple.

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