The Evolution of Retail

We are entering a new era of technology and commercial real estate and it could not be any more exciting.

The adoption of technology has advanced now far enough into the depths of the human psychology an habit that huge economies of scale can now occur.  

Think about it.  Who doesn’t have a smart - something.  Actually, who doesn’t have multiple smart somethings for every member of the household.  “Who stole my charger!!!” is the new “Hang up Im on the internet!!”.  

Pinterest has revealed that they will now be integrating a “Buy it” feature into their ecosystem.  

This is the evolution of retail.  

And, if commercial real estate wants to now get completely swallowed up, and remain relevant, then they need to take notice and adapt.

This is what people want. People are armed with way too much information now. They do not care about your brand or your message. Maybe some companies still matter.  Apple, Under Armour, Nike to name a couple.  But not many more than that.  Ours certainly do not. 

The buying decision and process has changed.  There are so many more options. And people always want to buy...they never want to be sold.  Every salesperson knows that.  Hence, the meteoric rise of “content” or “inbound” marketing.

So what does this mean and what do we do CRE?

It is time to start thinking with a consumer minded focus.  Crowdfunding is already making its presence known in our industry. This is not some passing fad.  It is breaking the doors down and will eventually change the landscape of how we do business.  That’s a great thing by the way. It means way more opportunity to make money.  

And how do you get in front of this thing? Change your attitude towards your digital presence. Give people the opportunity and the reason to find you and the desire to engage you.

Don’t be the douche that talks about yourself all the time. Be the cool kid that everyone else talks about.

It’s ok to need help with this. Talk to me. Let’s do something cool.



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